March this Month

God delights in accomplishing His plan through ordinary people like you and me. He can, and has, removed huge barriers in our lives all by Himself. But more often He chooses to work through us so that we can grow our faith by being an active participant. Joshua had that opportunity, too. He faced many [...]


I was inspired recently by an e-mail I received from Kitty Rudometkin. We met at a workshop I conducted for her sales team. Kitty detailed several of the ideas she had learned and how she was successfully using them. The most important, inspiring part of her entire e-mail came just as she was signing off, [...]

A Dose of Courage

Ever feel like the Cowardly Lion when you are preparing to make phone calls to your customers? Or how about when you are called to a meeting with your child’s teacher, or when you are asked to make a presentation at work? Or what about when the doctor’s office calls with test results that are not [...]

You Have What They Want

Mr. James Cash Penney envies you.  So does Mr. Macy, Mr. Neiman-Marcus, Mr. Sears, Mr. Dillard and all the other founders of traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores.  You have what they want.  They want direct access to potential customers.  You have that.  They would give their right arm for the privilege of going directly to a [...]

We Win!

Maybe you are like some folks who like watching a movie for a second or third time - even though you know the ending, you still enjoy watching it again. Well, recently, I have been watching some of my favorite college football team's games from previous years. My sweet husband thinks I'm crazy - after [...]