• Slumps happen to everyone… pro athletes, business executives, direct sellers, students, teachers, pastors, musicians – anyone whose job it is to produce will have ups and downs in their productivity. The challenge isn’t that you hit a slump, the challenge is if you stay in a slump…because it could cost you your job. This class will help you identify the Top 9 Direct Sales slumps – bookings, sponsoring, selling, etc – and help you with strategies to cure them.
  • Booking Skills 101

    In Direct Sales, bookings are our business. If you have no bookings, you have no business. This class will provide you with the foundational booking skills that you will use throughout your career to build a strong business! You will learn how to create your booking vision, establish your booking goals and learn the 8 key booking strategies that will keep your calendar filled. Whether you are a new consultant or a seasoned veteran, your business will thrive with the solid booking foundation skills you will learn.
  • Booking Skills 201

    So, you have the basics of bookings mastered, but you’re still not seeing a consistently booked calendar? Then you’ve come to the right class! Booking Skills 201 takes you to the next level of booking skills where you learn to book consistently. You will discover why hostesses book, and how that will impact your future bookings. You will also discover how to maximize booking opportunities by focusing on the effective use of your show time to secure 80% of your future bookings. A consistent booking calendar leads to a consistent paycheck and a consistently growing business. That is the result of applying what you learn in Booking Skills 201!
  • This 3-hour audio resource is perfect for all levels of direct sales party plan consultants who desire a more consistent business. Learn how to prepare daily for a productive business, how to step up to the plate in the 4 disciplines of direct sales – selling, booking, recruiting, serving.
  • Build Your Business

    This 3-hour audio resource focuses on how to build a solid foundation for your direct sales home party plan bookings and recruiting by building layers of relationships with your hostesses and customers.  It’s a power-packed workshop that is a must for all levels of consultants.
  • This 6-hour audio resource focuses on how to multiply your business with bookings, recruiting, leadership and team building – all with a biblical perspective.
  • Each One Reach One

    This 3-hour audio resource focuses on the direct sales skills needed for successful recruiting and team building. Highlights include understanding the benefits of recruiting, where to look for recruit leads, how to interview effectively for long-term success, and how to get a new direct sales recruit started with a firm foundation.
  • This 3-hour audio resource will teach you about the 4 different generations (age groups) on your team as well as among your hostesses and customers. Discover how each generation’s uniqueness greatly impacts your business. Learn how to successfully book, recruit lead and motivate with all age groups.
  • Get In the Game

    This 6-hour audio resource focuses on how to step up to the plate with confidence in your Direct Sales business, how to hit it out of the park with bookings, how to identify the causes of slumps in your business and how to create powerful comebacks even in difficult times.
  • Joy In the Journey

    This 6-hour audio resource focuses on understanding God’s plan for your direct sales career. Highlights include a biblical look at goal setting, communication, motivating and success in today’s workplace.
  • This 6-hour audio resource focuses on how to develop courage in challenging times. Highlights include how to cowboy up when you would rather give up, how to defeat fears that sabotage your success, how to mend fences of difficult relationships, and how to persevere with purpose, all done God’s way.
  • This 3-hour audio resource focuses on 10 key leadership lessons specific for direct sales leaders at such a time as this. Discover lessons on how to set your team up for success, how to survive obstacles, how to keep your team moving forward, how to support with coaching and how to lead so others will follow.