footballl-celebration-300x200Maybe you are like some folks who like watching a movie for a second or third time – even though you know the ending, you still enjoy watching it again. Well, recently, I have been watching some of my favorite college football team’s games from previous years. My sweet husband thinks I’m crazy – after all, he argues, you already know who wins. He can’t see the sense in sitting through a whole game I’ve already seen, why not just fast-forward to the 4th quarter and be done with it.


Well, I know we win in the end, but I usually watch because I don’t always remember how the game played out – all the different strategies, the penalties, the crisis moments, the drama. So I watch to be reminded of the struggles and how we persisted to overcome and win in the end.


You know, as Christians, we know we win in the end! God has already told us that – Jesus’ empty tomb is evidence that we win! Jesus was resurrected and He is living at this moment at the right hand of God. He said that if we believe in Him as our Savior that we will not perish but live with Him in Heaven for eternity (John 3:16). So as Christians, we win!


But in between now and when we go to be with Jesus, we have to “play out the game” on a daily basis. God put us where we are to do what He created us to do at this specific time. Our “daily game” will involve struggles and successes, battles and blessings, sorrows and celebrations – all of which God has prepared for us to experience with Him walking by our side through it all. He doesn’t allow us to “fast-forward” to the 4th quarter of our lives, because God has planned for us to cross paths with people in all 4 quarters of our lives. Some of these people will be ones God has prepared to shape us, some God has planned where we will be used to shape them. It is through “playing” out every “play” that we gain wisdom, perspective, persistence, discipline. The struggles and penalties of life are how God refines and builds our character. And the touchdowns and victories of life are how God showers blessings on us and brings us joy!


When my favorite team wins, even though it’s a replay game, thousands of fans still cheer in the stands, and I feel the excitement all over again, too! It’s like we all did it and we can all claim the victory! As a Christian, I know at the end we win! So in the meantime, I want to fill a stadium – full of people I meet along the way to invite them to join me on the winning team so we can all celebrate and claim the victory! How about you? Are you on Jesus’ winning team? Call me – I’m recruiting. We win!