“I am so excited about our 10 week study and the verse of the year!  As we all too often let negative clutter fill our minds, I am thankful that we will be reminded the next 52 weeks to think of things that are pure and right and honorable.  Just as we all like the start of a fresh new year, how wonderful it will be to have a fresh reset every Monday morning to be reminded to fill our thoughts with what is good rather than continuing to dwell on what is wrong or that is weighing us down.”

– Dee Rauscher, dee@styledbydee.com


Beth often shares valuable insights through free Bible Study podcasts. Here are the most recent podcasts. Feel free to download and share with friends and associates.

FIRST THINGS FIRST – Monday Morning Bible Study

bible study podcastsAugust 13, 2018 – The #1 Way To Expand Your Territory This Season! (1 Chronicles 4)


bible study podcastsAugust 6, 2018 – Do You Want To Know How To Kick It Up A Notch in the Second-Half of This Year? (1 Chronicles 4)


bible study podcastsJuly 30, 2018 – Have you ever gotten what you asked for and still not been happy? (Jonah 4)

bible study podcastsJuly 23, 2018 – Don’t You Just Love A Great Comeback Story? (Jonah 3)

bible study podcastsJuly 16, 2018 – A Whale of a Prayer! (Jonah 2)


bible study podcastsJuly 9, 2018 – What To Do When You Would Rather Go The Opposite Direction (Jonah 1)


bible study podcastsJune 25, 2018 – What To Do When You Wonder “What’s Next? (John 14)


bible study podcastsJune 18, 2018 – What To Do With Worry (Matthew 6)


bible study podcastsJune 11, 2018 – Who Has Your Back?! (Mark 2)


bible study podcastsJune 4, 2018 – The BEST Idea! (Matthew 10)


bible study podcastsMay 21, 2018 – So What Are Your Summer Plans? (Matthew 24)


bible study podcastsMay 14, 2018 – Does Money Grow On Trees In Your Yard? (Luke 12)


bible study podcastsMay 7, 2018 – Are You Afraid of Monsters Under Your Bed? (Matthew 26)


bible study podcastsApril 30, 2018 – What Do You Do In A Storm? (Matthew 14)


bible study podcastsApril 16, 2018 – Does God Care About Your Parenting Fears? (Luke 8)


bible study podcastsApril 9, 2018 – So, What Are You Afraid Of? (Matthew 8)


bible study podcasts