Q: “I am interested in learning more about the benefits of being coached – what is involved and what the cost is.  How can I get more informations?”

A: Check out the personal coaching page and contact Beth for a free Coaching Strategy Session.

Q: “Does Beth teach others how to become a certified coach?”

A: Yes! Learning how to coach others is a key skill for leaders and a popular additional stream of income.  For details check out Beth’s Coaching Certification page.

Q: “Can I really afford a Spirit of Success live workshop with Beth for my Direct Sales team?”

A: Yes, absolutely! Clients have found Beth’s training to be one of the highest values at the most reasonable cost. A 3-hour workshop can cost as little as $1500. Beth is also available for live online workshops on Zoom, Teams or your vitrual platform.  Call Beth to discuss your specific needs!


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Q: “What if I don’t have a big Direct Sales team? How can I get Beth to come to our area for a live workshop?”

A: Beth conducts live and virtual workshops for teams from 5 to 5,000 – there are no minimums nor maximums in attendance requirements.  Please contact Beth to discuss all the possibilities. Beth travels to serve clients across the US and Canada from her Pittsburgh, PA location.

Q: “We have a Christian Women’s Conference each year at our church. Does Beth speak at these events?”

A: Yes, absolutely! As God blesses, Beth will bring a message of instruction, encouragement and hope directly from God’s Word on topics such as time management, leadership, workplace ministry, God’s promises, becoming a Godly woman and many others. Contact Beth for details about your specific needs and conference theme. Beth travels to and serves Christian organizations across the US and Canada from her Pittsburgh, PA location.  Or consider a virtual Women’s Conference with Beth.

Q: “Can I schedule a group Virtual Class for my team with Beth?”

A: Yes, absolutely!  Beth frequently conducts virtual workshops, group coaching and Keynotes using Zoom, Teams and other virtual platforms.  Contact Beth to discuss your team’s needs and various topics to help your team achieve success.

Q: “I’ve heard about Beth’s Monday morning prayer calls – how can I join in?”

A: Beth facilitates a 30-minute prayer call each Monday morning (excluding holidays) at 10am EST where Direct Sellers join together by tele-conference to enjoy Bible Study time and to bring their business prayers and praises to the throne of God. For details contact Beth at