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  • We all make decisions every day. Many have little impact on our lives or anyone else's life. However, there is a decision that affects you and every person you come into contact with. It's the most important decision you'll ever make.

  • Later retirement ages are creating a new phenomenon in the workplace: Four generations of people are now working together. In this remarkable presentation, Beth reveals the best way to get the best from each generation.

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  • The Last Week
  • What Is Love?
  • Year of Renewing Your Strength
  • Sensational Blessings Disguised
  • Serving God’s Way
  • March this Month
  • You Have What They Want
  • We Win!
  • Four Foundational Direct Sales Truths
  • The Key to Excel Even in the “Dog Days”


  • “Eight months ago I decided to make a “different” kind of investment in myself and my business by hiring Beth Jones Schall as my Business Coach. It came at a time when my business was on the verge of great growth and I realized if I wanted to continue that growth, I would need to learn to better prioritize what my focus should be on and what it should not. Beth has been that sounding board, that asker of great questions, that accountability partner, and the person who helps keep my eyes on the ball. She has helped me continue to grow as a leader, a business owner, and a Christian. I can rely on her discernment when it comes to making hard choices. It has been a great pleasure to partner with Beth in my venture. I feel energized after each call and look forward to the tasks at hand!”

    - Jill Seivert, CAbi Stylist & Key Leader
  • “Beth, A HUGE thank you for your incredible training. Over the three calls I know you introduced many new ideas to our group, and I look forward to hearing results of their new actions.  I continue to hear how our Leaders appreciated and use your training from our Leadership Retreat … and our National Convention….I look forward to partnering with you in the future.”  

    - Pat Wright, Consultant Services Manager, Usborne Books & More
  • “Loved the practical tips and road map you provided my team to “Get Off The Bench”, and to build and motivate their teams for consistent sales success.” 

    - Lori Soeder-Benseler, Nat’l Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts
  • “Thank you for presenting at our Pittsburgh NAPO Chapter …I truly enjoyed the information about the Generations….It was so fascinating – I even made my husband stay up late that evening so I could share the chart and your information. Really!”

    - Julie Mills, Certified Professional Organizer, All Squared Away, LLC.
  • “Beth Jones Schall made a huge impact with her training at Ava Anderson’s National Conference. The field loved her humor, practical ideas and powerful messages. They are now fully inspired and they are immediately taking action to build relationships to build their business. If you haven’t had Beth speak to your field, you’re missing out. She’s professional, on point, and one of the best motivational trainers in the direct selling business.”

    - Marianne Friedlund, Director of Training, Ava Anderson Non-Toxic
  • “I invested in Beth’s coaching program because I am looking to create growth in my region with my team of consultants and leaders, and to improve my own coaching skills. I now have a coaching system that will support growth with the newest consultant and the most experienced leader!”

    - Susan Geibler, Senior Regional Vice President, PartyLite
  • “Beth is a vivacious woman who radiates a love for Christ. As she speaks, she brings fresh life to the practical principles found in Gods Word. She will energize and motivate you to live your life in the center of Gods will. She is a delight!”

    - Janet Peavyhouse, Director Women’s Ministries FBC, Brandon, FL
  • “Beth is an energetic, upbeat, positive person who makes those around her feel the same. She exudes confidence, leadership and motivational qualities that very few people have.”

    - Rob Semans, State Farm Insurance
  • “Beth is an outstanding teacher and speaker: She is well prepared, creates a learning environment, and teaches with energy and enthusiasm. Her knowledge of Gods Word is evident.”

    - Janice McCall, MD University Community Hospital, Tampa, FL
  • “I must say without hesitation that Beth is excellent. She is well-versed in her material, and has an exceptional way of presenting her program. We all thoroughly enjoyed her…”

    - Keith Biser, Verizon Telephone Operations
  • “Beth is a fantastic motivator and knows how to target the key people and the specific needs of an organization. Her depth of knowledge and sense of humor really bring the message alive.”

    - Paula Vandegriff , National Sales Leader, The Longaberger CO.
  • “The insight and wisdom that you have shared with us is invaluable. Thank you for ‘standing tall’ in our industry and offering integrity-based business practices. Your authenticity is greatly respected and a rare find in the business world.”

    - Mim Miller, National Sales Leader, The Longaberger Company
  • “Your words could not have been more perfect. You gave us ‘pictures’ that I believe each woman will keep with them. Thank you!”

    - Kimberly Inskeep, Co-Founder, Carol Anderson by Invitation
  • “As a consultant who wants to get her business back in shape I found each and every thought, idea and business building hint invaluable. Beth is charged with a pure and sincere energy that is not only contagious but realistic and filled with hope…. Sometimes even the best of the best need to step back and really look at how their business is going and how they can make it better.”

    - Susan Schultes, Consultant, The Longaberger Co.
  • “Beth’s training was amazing! After spending 3 hours with Beth, I went to my party the next day and sold over $850 and had 4 datings – 3 of them into the next 2 weeks! So exciting!”

    - Tammy Hornek, Tupperware Director
  • “Your talks were home runs! I was impressed with both the content and your handouts. You deliver a first class presentation!”

    - Linda Nelson, Consultant, Carol Anderson by Invitation
  • “What a difference Spirit of Success made in helping our group understand they have leadership potential waiting to be used!”

    - Rev. Andy Morgan Christ Church of Oak Brook, IL
  • “Goodness, I can’t remember when three double-sided audio tapes ever went so fast, held my attention more, made more sense and made me laugh out loud as many times. I took notes like crazy for future use.”

    - Rusty Searcy, Consultant, The Pampered Chef
  • “Thank you for Sharing a wonderful Saturday morning with us! I have only heard wonderful words from those who attended…from ‘ Wow!’ to ‘ It was worth every penny!’”

    - Joann Van Aken, Division Manager, Lia Sophia Jewelry
  • “Beth knocked my socks off! So many of us do not know how to implement change so we do nothing at all. I now take ownership and make things happen!”

    - Marcine Campbell, Pampered Chef Director
  • “I was absolutely blown away by the concise training as well as the great ideas Beth shared. Beth has an amazing grasp of our business and what each of us needs to do to make it successful. I’ve been selling for nearly 20 years and you would think that I’ve “heard it all” when it comes to training. Those six hours that I experienced in the two seminars were the best six hours I’ve ever experienced when it comes to usable ideas and helps. I literally ran out or room to write notes in the two workbooks.”

    - Linda Rodgers, National Sales Leader, The Longaberger Company
  • “”I’ve been to many seminars and speaking engagements, yours is by far the most thorough and useful that I’ve attended in 8+ years!”

    - Shannon Johns, Tupperware Director
  • “Wow! What a terrific job you did sharing such powerful stories to bring home the importance of those 4 disciplines. It was perfect!”

    - Carol Anderson, Co-founder, Carol Anderson by invitation
  • “Beth Jones-Schall is one of my all-time favorite trainers. Everything she says is gold! If you like systems and common sense practices for your business, Beth has all that and more. She rocks! It will be training you won’t want to miss!”

    - Natalie Doolittle, Pampered Chef Director
  • “I just wanted to add my sincere appreciation for your wonderful training….I’m continually amazed at the wonderful, talented, and devoted people like you in this industry who constitute its heart and soul….”

    - Sandy Weisman, Founder, Allura Designs