breakthrough coaching

“As a result of taking the Breakthrough Certification Course, I have improved my skills with my current clients, and I have built out offers I feel confident about, resulting in being booked! Beth has been a phenomenal asset to my professional growth. I have developed and refined my skills through her coaching and

Julie Lasserot, ID

“I recently became a certified life coach through Beth’s Breakthrough Coach Certification program. It is very evident that Beth is deeply knowledgeable and wise in the field of coaching, and her certification training was exceptional with her ability to teach and coach through each of the training units. Her style felt calm, steady and strong, and each week I came away with so many brilliant tools and processes for coaching. She teaches a simple, yet powerful process for moving clients toward successful outcomes. I would highly recommend Beth as a coach for certification.”

Colette White, PA

“The Breakthrough Life Coaching Certification Course has helped me do a lot more coaching and a lot less counseling. My current clients are moving forward with goals and they seem less stuck! Beth’s commitment to her craft brings a wealth of insight, expertise and practical application to help you get clear on who you are and how you will impact others through coaching.”

Doug Talmadge, CA

“As a result of the certification program, I have become a better listener, and I can respond with open-ended questions. I have used the skills in all sorts of conversations and relationships. I have been able to increase my income with my health coaching and life coaching businesses! I am getting so many referrals!
Beth is the most gifted and devoted coach trainer.”

Tasha Radford, OR

In 10 Weeks You Will Learn How To Help People Grow And Experience Breakthrough In Their Lives And Careers!

Training in Breakthrough Life Coaching is a natural and effective way to help people get focused and moving forward in their lives. Using active listening and powerful questioning, a Breakthrough Life Coach can assist clients in gaining clarity about the present, forming a vision for their future, and overcoming procrastination to accomplish their goals. Breakthrough Coaching is about forward movement.

What You Will Learn As A Breakthrough Life Coach

• Learn the difference between coaching and counseling.

• Learn about active listening and how it is important.

• Learn highly effective questioning techniques.

• Learn how to use our exclusive Coaching Process.

• Learn how to ask vs. tell.

• Learn the importance of values and their influence.

• Learn how to use Christian principles to guide your coaching.

• Learn how to start your own coaching business with access to generous marketing strategies.

• Special customizing for Direct Selling Coaches.

How You Will Learn To Be A Breakthrough Life Coach

• You will meet one hour each week on a webinar with Beth.

• You will use Zoom for our interactive sessions.

• You will have private online student area access to coaching resources.

• You will have reading, audio, video and written homework.

• You will conduct 6 practice coaching sessions and receive helpful feedback.

• You will complete an exam at the end of the course.

Your Certification Options

You will be certified as a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach™ or a Certified Biblical Life Coach™

Our Course Training Curriculum


Introduction to Life Coaching – What is Life Coaching? – Coaching versus Other Methods – The Benefits of Life Coaching – Our Coaching Competency Creed – Qualifications of a Good Coach – Qualifications of a Good Client

Core Coaching Competencies – Active Listening Skills – Attitudes, Skills & Choices – Obstacles to Listening – Coaching in the Gap – Asking Powerful Questions – Standard Coaching Techniques

Identity In Coaching – Understanding Personal Identity – Positional Identity Theft – Biblical vs. Secular Worldviews – Getting a God-Sized Perspective

Personal Values Coaching – Living a Values-Driven Life – Ownership of Values – A Coach’s Own Values – Values-Driven Coaching – A Core Values Assessment

Life Purpose Coaching – Discovering Our Uniqueness – Coaching Around Life Purpose – Self-Discovery Gifts Toolbox – Motivators or Motivational Gifts – Passion Indicators & Exercises – Reading Your Life Backwards – Giving Permission to Dream – Vision & Mission Statements

Obstacles & Margins Coaching – Primary External Barriers – Primary Energy Drainers – Assessing Life Balance – Primary Internal Barriers – Getting Past the Barriers – Coaching Through Change

Renewed Mindset Coaching – Importance of Mindset Coaching – The Power of a Life Lie – The Power of Biblical Truth – Coaching Through False Beliefs

Choices & Goals Coaching – Philosophy of Choice – The Power of a Decision – Our Choice Processes – Questions for Change – The Power of Incremental Change – Intelligent Goal Setting – Strategic Action Steps

Powerful Questions & Assessments – Powerful Question Charts – Client Worksheets & Assessments – Goals & Actions Planner – Personal Client Coaching Plan

Coaching For Results – Real-Life Coaching Scenarios – Coaching Forms & Documents – Marketing & Practice Building Training – Membership in the Biblical Coaching Alliance™


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