leadership coaching


Personal Coaching

Personal coaching sessions are for those who desire to excel in their direct sales business, corporate job position or personal life. It is a time of focus, assessment, skill building, strategizing, overcoming obstacles and results – significant results.leadership coaching
leadership coaching

As a certified Christian Life & Business coach, Beth can assist you with achieving your goals with excellence through focused direction and accountability.  Using the Breakthrough Coaching Model, Beth will guide you during each session through 6 steps that lead to the outcome you desire.

Personal Coaching sessions are conducted by phone or on Zoom and scheduled on the date and time agreed upon. Sessions are normally scheduled weekly or 2 times per month in order to see immediate, measurable results.  Contact Beth now to discuss details to design a coaching plan to fit your needs and budget.

Spirit of Success Coaching Course for Direct Sales Leaders

The Coaching Course for Direct Sales Leaders includes five, one-hour Zoom classes for leaders to learn core coaching skills to support their team members’ growth.

The Coaching Course results can be measured in increased retention, increased productivity, new and experienced leader promotions.

The Coaching Course for Direct Sales Leaders – 5 session core coaching skills:

  1. The Coaching Process – introduction to the 6-step Breakthrough Coaching Process, how coaching improves performance, coach after training to lock-in skills and inspire action.
  2. How to Ask Great Coaching Questions – learn questions that lead to new thinking and new actions, and how to improve your listening skills.
  3. How to Coach Through Obstacles – breakthrough the internal and external barriers to performance and excuses.
  4. How to Coach Through Limiting Beliefs – identify fears and the thinking that holds team members back, learn how to reframe fixed mindsets to break through barriers.
  5. How to Coach for Successful Results – identify goals and strategies that lead to successful results.


New Class begins May 9th

The Coaching Course for Direct Sales Leaders fee is $399 per participant for small group class (of 5 to 25 participants), or $599 for individual class. Contact Beth for details and to schedule your Coaching Course for yourself or a group of leaders.

“I am using open-ended questions more often in my coaching, not afraid of silence. This course was timely, engaging and empowering.”

Wendy Gerlach, MN

“The Leaders Coaching Course was more detailed than other coaching courses – great hands-on approach with the tools necessary to become a strong coach rather than a cheerleader or teacher!”

Robbie VanNortwick, TN

“Since taking the Leaders Coaching Course, I have been able to ask questions of my team members instead of telling them what to do. This was encouraging and insightful. It exceeded my expectations.”

Amy Parrish, OK

“The Leaders Coaching class is a must for every leader. It helped me not only with my team member, but also with leading myself. It has equipped me with confidence, skills and structure.”

Kelly McCarthy, NY

Mastermind Sessions

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Mastermind Sessions

Maximize your growth and multiply your effectiveness by sharpening your skills alongside other success-minded professionals in a group mastermind team. You will enjoy eight, one-hour group sessions where Beth will lead you and your group in discussing some of the most important topics for success in your business. You will benefit from the collective team contributions and experiences as iron sharpens iron. It is a unique opportunity for those who want to excel in their businesses, and who are ready and willing to share their expertise with others in community.

Mastermind teams are 10 participants*. You select your group to join together to form an Mastermind team. The mastermind discussion topic options are listed below. Each topic will cover 8 sessions. Teams may choose to meet weekly or bi-monthly, schedule to be determined by Beth and each mastermind team. (*5 participant team option is available.)  Sessions are held via Zoom.

Mastermind Team Topics: (Select One)

  1. Personal Growth – using John Maxwell’s book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth as our guide (book purchase required)
  2. Direct Sales Booking Skills Mastery – everything bookings, from the basics to advanced booking strategies
  3. Direct Sales Sponsoring Skills Mastery – everything sponsoring, from prospect to follow-up to signed new team member
  4. Leadership Skill Development – using John Maxwell’s book Leadership Gold and Becoming A Person of Influence as our guide (book purchases recommended)
  5. Coaching Skill Development – increase your team members’ effectiveness and improve their performance by learning how to expertly coach them to achieve their goals, by learning the Breakthrough Coaching Model.
  6. Clarifying Your Vision – discover what you truly want from your business, career, life by determining your strategies. (John Maxwell’s book Put Your Dream to the Test required purchase)
  7. Priority Management – learn the keys to efficiently and effectively work your business and achieve your goals by identifying your priorities, by learning how to schedule them and by learning how to protect them.
  8. Motivating Others with DiSC – learn how to motivate your team members by understanding their unique DiSC personality styles. (DiSC Profile Assessment is required as prerequisite)
  9. Biblical Leadership – using Walt Wiley’s The Look of the Leader as our guide as we learn how to apply lessons from Nehemiah to leadership today (workbook purchase required).
  10. Your Choice – create your own mastermind team and choose any 2-3 topics above for an 8-session group discussion.

Mastermind Fees: Gather 10 participants* to form a Mastermind Team, who are willing and open to share in their Mastermind Team, will receive eight, one-hour sessions at $25 per participant, per session ($200 per participant for 8 sessions, paid in full in advance). Sessions can be recorded if participant is unable to attend a session, however fees are not refundable if sessions are missed. Results and success are the responsibility of the individual participant. Spirit of Success, Inc. is not the guarantor of individual results. (* Optional 5-participant team is available at $400 per participant for 8 sessions.)

NEXT STEPS: Contact Beth to discuss how to schedule an Mastermind Team today!

If you or your Mastermind Team coordinator have spoken with Beth and you are ready to register, please click the link below.


  • Experienced, degreed educator
  • Experienced Direct Sales Leader with a proven record of leading leaders to success, with over 40 years in the Direct Sales profession
  • Certified Christian Life & Business Coach who understands how to engage the coaching process
  • Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach
  • Certified educator in Human Behavior Science who understands today’s adult learner
  • Results-focused leadership coaching that is client-driven and coach supported
  • Empathetic, experienced partner who has walked-the-walk, who understands and does not judge
  • Initial coaching assessment to clarify your goals, identify desired changes and determine the best path for results
  • Personality Profile Assessment (DISC) to identify your individual strengths and learn to maximize them to achieve your goals
  • Weekly or bi-weekly strategy sessions to identify actions taken, discuss roadblocks, anticipate opportunities and determine next steps
  • Built-in accountability process for measurable results that are immediate and lasting
  • Learn key systems to help you work smarter, not harder
  • An 87% increase in retention and use of key business skills that produce measurable results
  • Partner with an experienced leadership coach and Christian businesswoman
  • Affordable coaching that is priceless
  • Peace of mind knowing you made the right choice
leadership coaching


Contact Beth to discuss your Group Coaching needs or your Personal Coaching, which includes FREE 30-minute strategy session.  She will design a package to fit your needs and accomplish the goals you desire.


Deanna Magley


“I began coaching with Beth to become a better leader. I have gained confidence in my ability to lead. I have also added new recruits! Beth has a way of assisting you to focus on the direction you would like to be heading in a direct and concise way with an end result that is obtainable!”

Kelly Merrill


“I began coaching with Beth because I want to grow my business. I have become more habit driven, staying focused on what to do daily, and on what I can control. I have seen increased sales and motivation! Beth does a wonderful job of staying on track with purpose for the areas you need to grow. It has felt challenging with accountability but in the best possible way!”

Janet Gledich


“I began coaching with Beth to improve my business skills. I have changed my way of thinking, I have become more confident, I am talking to customers differently about products, parties and this business. Beth is an awesome coach! She knows how to get down to the nitty-gritty of your business. If there is anyone who can pull you out of the slump that you’re in, it’s Beth. She is definitely someone who can help you!

Teresa Biondolillo


“Our coaching sessions, exceeded my expectations in every way! You are SO easy to talk to about all things business and personal, and you gave me amazing perspective! I refer to my notes from all our coaching sessions. I have 2 new viable prospects. I am focused solely on team building this season at my 33+ shows.”

Maria Millay


“Beth’ coaching exceeding my expectations! She has given me the tools I need to continue to grow my business. My business grew and for the first time I had reached the goals that I set. I brought on two new team members and truly achieved the goals that I had not previously achieved on my own. I had worked with a coach before but it was a lot of word salad, no real meat. Beth helped me come up with lists to accomplish weekly and held my feet to the fire….she knows the questions to ask to figure out the obstacles and coach you to success.”

Jill Seivert


“Eight months ago I decided to make a “different” kind of investment in myself and my business by hiring Beth Jones Schall as my Business Coach.  It came at a time when my business was on the verge of great growth and I realized if I wanted to continue that growth, I would need to learn to better prioritize what my focus should be on and what it should not.  Beth has been that sounding board, that asker of great questions, that accountability partner, the person who helps keep my eyes on the ball.  She has helped me continue to grow as a leader, a business owner, and a Christian.  I can rely on her discernment when it comes to making hard choices.  It has been a great pleasure to partner with Beth in my venture.  I feel energized after each call!”

Dawn Corrie


“Every business professional and teacher that I love and respect has stressed the importance of a personal growth plan and business coaching. “Invest 10% of your income back in YOU” is their mantra! And I always thought “I will wait until I can afford it”. Well, through God’s grace and provision, a company bonus allowed me to “afford” Beth’s coaching program and after our first session I realized how wise these teachers were! I should not have waited! In fact…the opposite is true — I can’t afford NOT to have a coach like Beth!  She tailored every session to what my needs were. Her wisdom is priceless, and she gives 100% of herself, her experience and her knowledge. I now have a plan in place to coach my teammates and leaders. My schedule is consistent and I feel equipped to meet our goals. It was well worth double the investment and will pay me back, with high interest, for years to come! I look forward to another round!”

Becca Arabia


“Through business coaching with Beth, I was able to develop a series of training calls for my team which have been highly successful! I have seen great results, and my team is excited and motivated because of them. Additionally, with Beth’s direction, I designed a schedule that really works – I now have the right priorities that produce efficient, measurable results daily. I am less stressed and more effective because I am now in control of my schedule. The results I’ve received from coaching with Beth definitely have more than paid for my investment! I encourage all Direct Sales Leaders who need to see change in their businesses and who want to see measurable results to invest in coaching with Beth.”

Valorie Morris


“Beth Jones-Schall and her coaching sessions have made a huge impact in my life and business! As a newly promoted Sales VP, I was looking for coaching to help me wrap my arms around a larger team and to help me put systems into place that would make my life easier. She more than delivered in our three month coaching sessions. Beth went above and beyond in helping me reach the goals I had. I am glad I invested in her coaching sessions and am looking forward to working with her again in the near future. She is a straight forward, fun and focused coach with years of experience behind her. I thought I had heard “it all” until I met Beth. I love that she combines her strong faith with business! What a beautiful example! Just what I needed!”

Susan Geibler


“I invested in Beth’s coaching program because I am looking to create growth in my region with my team of consultants and leaders, and to improve my own coaching skills. I now have a coaching system that will support growth with the newest consultant and the most experienced leader!”

Vicki Gustafson


“I was at a crossroad in my business and personal life and felt I needed help to define direction and clarity in both areas. Beth was the perfect coach. I’ve been in the direct sales industry for over 15 years and during those years I crossed paths with Beth through her seminars, speaking engagements and telecasts. During our coaching sessions Beth gave me specific tasks that brought me closer to my goals. As we moved forward each week, God guided our sessions, which became evident that out focus needed to be on my personal goals, then business. Beth and her amazing gift of coaching and guidance helped me define a new direction personally and professionally.”

Jennifer Baldwin


“Exponential growth and opportunity was my purpose for contacting Beth – and through her coaching I have seen tremendous progress toward our region’s immediate goals. She has helped our team really develop and improve their sales, booking and sponsoring skills, which has led to increased confidence, amazing excitement for the business, and a tremendous desire for our team to be goal-getters, not just goal-setters!”

Dee Rauscher


“If you consistently say you do not have “enough time” or lack “balance”. . . You need Beth as your life coach!! I certainly did. Beth’s direction gave me perspective and control over daily obligations and she assisted me in creating a simplified daily plan of action tailored to fit my needs. My revised system allows me to work purposefully at home AND when I travel so that I avoid procrastinating and time robbing tasks. What a relief! The benefit to me was discovering the free time I desired by having my own business. And one more bonus, my sales increased significantly over the previous year!! If there is an area in your life or business that you need to refocus, I strongly encourage you to contact Beth. I’m having so much fun now that I am productive and managing my time rather than time managing me!”

Wendy Gerlach


“I recently had the privilege of working with Beth during some coaching calls. As a busy mom and owner of 2 businesses along with the volunteer work that I do with church and bible study, life felt out of control. Beth helped me to recognize and realize that when I became intentional about the way I worked my business and my days, that there was time in my schedule to get it all done. She helped me to design a system that would work with my family and that works FOR my family so that they come first and don’t just get my leftovers. I love that Beth helped me to keep the main thing the main thing and still encouraged me to be the best that I can be, to not settle for mediocrity but to soar to even greater heights both personally and professionally. Beth has outstanding ideas, a determination to help you to be your personal best and a love for our heavenly Father that is so clear in her teaching. Thank you Beth for the reminder that we were designed for GREATNESS!”

Nicki Davis


“Working with Beth (as a business coach) was the best investment I made in my CAbi business. As a result of my investment, I achieved a higher level of performance in sales and team building than in previous years.”