Four Foundational Direct Sales Truths

A recent article in USA Today entitled, "Sales Rep Wanted: Inquire Anyplace" by author Paul Davidson bemoaned the lack of good salespeople today. In another recent article on the Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Blog, author Scott Grusher posted ten mistakes salespeople today make. These are just two examples of a number of recent articles with [...]

Do Not Grow Weary

It's the heat of Summer, the mid-way point of the year, the halftime of your Direct Sales business goals - and you may be growing a bit weary. It is normal; you have worked hard, you have had successes and probably, you have had some setbacks. You may be right on track with where you [...]

Soak It Up This Summer

It is summer and chances are you will be soaking up the sun and fun of the next few months!  Summer is also a time to “soak up” more than just sun and fun – what else do you plan to “soak up”?  What books do you plan to read this summer?  What trips do [...]

Pull Out The Rule Book

Back in the day (I never thought I'd really get old enough to use that phrase, but alas...), when our family went to an MLB baseball game, it was not unusual to see  an umpire, at times during the game, pull out a small booklet from his pocket - it was the MLB rule book. He [...]