• This 3-hour audio resource focuses on 10 key leadership lessons specific for direct sales leaders at such a time as this. Discover lessons on how to set your team up for success, how to survive obstacles, how to keep your team moving forward, how to support with coaching and how to lead so others will follow.
  • Perfect for all Leaders who want to motivate their Consultants. Highlights include uncovering the magic of motivation, how to build a high performance team, how to get the most out of your team, and how to measure their productivity. 6-hour audio resource.
  • This 3-hour leadership audio resource is perfect for all leaders who want to encourage and equip their future leaders to take the next step into leadership.  This is ideal for laying a strong leadership foundation for new leaders on your team.
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    This leadership audio resource focuses on 5 leadership character qualities necessary for all leaders who desire significant, life-changing leadership growth: concern, commitment, courage, consistency and character, with a biblical perspective. (5-6 hours)
  • Discover your personality style strengths and uniqueness with this DISC Personality Profile Online Assessment. Learn how your personality style can impact your communication, leadership, selling, team building and more. Learn how to work more effectively with others.