women-at-party2Mr. James Cash Penney envies you.  So does Mr. Macy, Mr. Neiman-Marcus, Mr. Sears, Mr. Dillard and all the other founders of traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores.  You have what they want.  They want direct access to potential customers.  You have that.  They would give their right arm for the privilege of going directly to a customer’s home.  You could do that tonight – and keep your limbs.  They would practically die at the opportunity to pack up their product and take it to a woman’s home to share with her and a roomful of her friends.  But they can’t do that.  So they spend untold millions of dollars on marketing and advertising to try to entice the customer to come to them.  If only they could walk up to the home of their customer, knock on the door, be invited in to have an enjoyable evening with friends as they share their products.  If only.


But you can.  That’s what you, as a party plan direct seller do.  Or at least, what you can do.  A party plan direct seller sells her product at home parties.  I hope that isn’t news to you.  I hope you are doing home parties on a regular basis.  That is your job, after all.  It is, more importantly, a privilege.  It is a privilege to serve a hostess and her friends in the comfort of her home.  You have what brick-and-mortar companies would give everything for – the opportunity, the access, the privilege.


So what are you doing with what you have?  Are you treating the privilege, the opportunity, the access you have with the attention and respect it deserves?  Are you connecting daily with customers to offer to treat them to a home party?  Or are you cheating your customers, just sending out emails and Facebook posts and expecting them to contact you to place an order?  If you are only doing this you are cheating your customers, disrespecting them.   Social media contacts make a great supplement to your business, but a lousy substitute.


Every night across the US – and around the globe for that matter – hundreds of thousands of direct sellers are out doing home parties.  They are respecting the privilege of serving their customers in the comfort of their own homes.  They are honoring their job description to sell through home parties.  Are you among these?  I hope so!  I hope you are among the masses who realize the wisdom of using social media and websites to supplement the serving you provide at home parties.


The argument that “nobody books parties anymore” just doesn’t square with reality.  Might you need to persist a bit more than you used to?  So, persist.  Might you need to change some of the ways you do your party presentation? So, adjust.  This month is traditionally the #1 month for holding home parties.  You don’t lack for potential hostesses.  Adjust, persist, get booking.  You know what to do.


The most renowned retailers in America want what you have.  If you are among the many who understand that, thank you for serving and for honoring your call.  If you need to make adjustments, step up to serve, start today.

You have what they want – claim it, enjoy it, do it!